Airbus firewall (RO)

European security – Romania.


Firewall from Airbus. The world’s only proactive cybersecurity technology certified by both the European Union and the NATO. More →
Icon-InternetThe best user interface. Create a comprehensive, easy-to-understand security policy with configuration wizards to maximize security. More →
All-inclusive Premium subscription. All security and VPN features, with hardware replacement in a single, discounted subscription package.
Free SSL VPN. Our SSL VPN offers a free alternative for secure remote access and works both with Stormshield or Open VPN clients. More →
Total application control. Regulate the business network and remove unwanted, risky and insecure applications. More →
Vulnerability audit, built in. Reliably report applications and vulnerabilities across your network. More →
High-end IPS technology. The patented, unique IPS design provides proactive zero-day protection at very high network speeds. More →
Save to the Cloud. Password-protected, encrypted firewall settings can be saved to the Cloud, making broken device replacement quick and easy.

Stormshield Network Security

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